Calling all black sheep...

Growing up were you always orbiting outside of the predictable social circles at school? Maybe your family never quite "got you"? Would you rather get real than make small talk? Well, hey! That's us too. And you know what? Turns out wallflowers make the best party professionals. We take our time to listen, ask questions and *actually* get to know you, because having you feel seen at your wedding is what got us into the business in the first place.


Our not-so-secret talent is creating a celebration where you are authentically celebrated. And even if that's a completely unconventional wedding, we promise we can find sneaky ways to make your parents feel comfortable too. 

...but what if we want a traditional wedding?

Your wedding needs to be about YOU, not us. So don't worry, we got you too. If fact, looking throughout our careers we've designed & photographed more traditional weddings than wacky ones. It's always our goal to make sure that your wedding reflects your personalities and your values, so if you love the comfort and elegance of a timeless design, that's what we will create for you!


But if you're asking if we've ever traded a couple wedding services for their tattoo artistry? The answer is yes. Twice.

Sarah Granger-Twomey


Creative Director | Planner | Officiant

Since 2001, Sarah has devoted her career to marking the important events of life. Formally educated in interior design, she prides herself in being a client-driven designer who's able to read between the lines of a wishlist. She has been called a master visual interpreter. An industry expert, her resume spans from designing multi-million-dollar events to planning celebrity weddings, but she likes the tiny celebrations best. As a bisexual atheist from a Cajun Catholic family, she finds it of the utmost importance to bring a modern sense of individuality to every event.

Sean Twomey


Photographer | Producer

Growing up the son of a tech genius and photography enthusiast, Sean developed an infatuation for both at an early age. After years of working in production for fine catering and live events companies he turned his creativity into a livelihood in 2005. Ever passionate about the perfect capture of light and the latest technologies in digital photography, Sean’s portfolio is best described as a true to life style. He has photographed scores of celebrities, many politicians and even a few royals.

We're partners in life, in love and in business.

Spouses Sarah Granger-Twomey & Sean Twomey design, plan, officiate and photograph life's milestone events.

She's an out of the box thinker. More is more. What if we try this.

He's the voice of reason. Always calculating something. Simplify it.

Together we are Arche Creative.

Arche Creative's Fundamentals

Every couple is deserving of their fantasy day, no matter what the fantasy is.

Design with reason and with intention, and the result will be authentic.

Capture honesty and integrity, and put your subjects in their best light.

Community over competition. When one of us does better, we all do better.

Love is love, is love.

All black lives matter.


Olivia & Mike

“Sarah handled every detail, but beyond that she has a beautiful eye for design, and an extreme talent for being able to distill my murky vision into a perfectly executed real life event. I enjoyed every moment of working with Sarah, and felt like I met a wonderful friend in the process.”

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What exactly do your packages cover?

Shoot us an email at and we'll share the complete breakdown. We're happy to put together a custom proposal for you as well.

Where are you based and do you travel?

We are currently based in Portland, Oregon and find our airport to be a cinch for commuting. We have extensive experience in Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, New York, New Orleans and beyond. Plus we're always up for a new adventure.

How will you script our ceremony?

Sarah here! Your ceremony will be written custom for you, your love, your beliefs, and your life. We start with individual questionnaires and then have a writing workshop together. It's up to you if you want to know every word spoken, or leave some elements a surprise. But either way, it will be custom built to tell your story.

How and when will we get our photos?

Sean here! You will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 6 weeks. You will also receive a custom app. This is a great tool for selecting favorites and sharing them easily.
Once you select your favorites, Sarah will keep your selections in mind to design your album which will be delivered within another 8 weeks.

Do we need to obtain a marriage license?

That's a personal question that you hold the answer to. Sarah is an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church and will legally marry you if you so choose (and coach you through the paperwork). We also perform any type of ceremony of love: commitment declaration, hand fasting, vow renewal, family blending, you name it!

What if I already have a photographer?

While we love working together as a team, we don't always have to be a package deal. Any of our services can be booked individually.