On Hallow's Eve 2020, we sat down to a rare date night at home. Sarah set a spooky, candlelit table for two while Sean prepared a decadent dinner. After dinner, Sarah surprised Sean with linen bound photobook showcasing favorite images that he had captured throughout our marriage. At the last page, there was a poem where Sarah asked Sean to marry her......again. He said yes!

And so we got started planning a private vow renewal. Josephine requested to be our ceremonial photographer, and Indigo wanted to be "the person who says the official words". We chose to spend the week of March 20th 2021, our 10 year wedding anniversary, at the Olympic National Park in Washington.

After booking a little house to rent and planning daily family adventures, Sarah sent off announcement letters to our nearest and dearest who we wished could be with us (damn you pandemic!). They responded with letters, poems, blessings, memories and sketches. We felt the love from all across the country as we read through them.

We packed up the van and drove up to the Olympic peninsula. The first day of our adventures was filled with exploring. Sean gave Josephine photography lessons, and Sarah taught Indigo to forage responsibly.

And from Port Angeles Washignton, we waived hello to Canada.

On the day of the vow renewal ceremony, Sarah adorned the fireplace with fresh cherry blossoms.

This reminded her of the all the springtimes of Southern California following Sean with his camera.

In a simple ceremony, written to be read by our little first grader, we renewed our old vows together and wrote new ones to each other for the years ahead. In lieu of new anniversary bands, we blessed our original rings with a kiss.

Photos below by Josephine Twomey

Sarah set a table filled with favorites from our personal collections as Sean prepared a feast of local seafood.

(Peep the little joke the girls tried to play on Sean.)

A decade married was not the only milestone of the week. We also celebrated Sean's 50th birthday!

Photos below by Josephine Twomey

The following day we dressed in our wedding clothes once again and drove across the peninsula.

We admired the massive Lake Crescent. We collected stones from Ruby Beach to honor Sarah's grandmother.

We picnicked by the clearest streams we've ever seen. We had ice cream in a local town.

We took formal portraits in the Hoh Rainforest, which quickly became our new favorite place.

On our final day, we set out to explore the view from our home's windows. Just up the hill we were ecstatic to find a winter wonderland on Hurricane Ridge. Snowmen were built and snowballs were hurled, a perfect ending.

Planning, design, florals, photography & ceremony by Arche Creative

Destination, Olympic National Park

Home rental, Mountain Chalet Stay

Allergen-friendly wedding cake, C.J. Bakes