A love letter to weddings

at the Griffin House

Well step one accomplished - you've snagged a prime date at one of Oregon's most stunning venues! You're off to a really great start!

Now it's time to start building your wedding dream team. Start with a designer & planner who will truly get to know you and the "why"s of your wedding. A captain who can guide you to make wise choices and lead the team to execute your vision, all while navigating the mounting set of logistics.

Nothing fills our cup more than seeing your dreams come to life.

We listen to your story and your vision,

creating events that celebrate your union & honor your love

"Arche Creative crafted our wedding day to be the most relaxed, intimate, and intentional occasion.
They made sure that every detail reflected us as a couple. We could have never had an experience as rich or as lovely without them. "
- Kala & Dan

Concept Development

& Design Services

Known for our design expertise and exacting attention to detail, every detail is custom curated to your vision, within your budget.

Planning & Budgeting

We help establish the budget and priorities of your celebration. Then we aid in building your vendor team, securing their contracts and guiding each vendor’s contribution to the design.

Logistics & Production Management

We thrive in the nitty gritty and get high on a well-organized timeline. No small detail will be overlooked to ensure your wedding day is set up for success.

Onsite Styling & Implementation

While you focus on your love, we focus on your production. Our experienced team ensures every detail is in place ahead of time for the guests as we direct them through the event.

The Arche Creative Design Process

Laying the Groundwork

“Once the contract & deposit are sorted, we get to work.
Together we establish a budget roadmap,
inspirational color story and initial wedding day timeline.”

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Custom Packages for weddings at The Griffin House

Wedding: Design & Full Planning

Unlimited planning services
Complete & fluid design mapping
Direction of ceremony rehearsal
Event management up to 12 hours

This packages covers all your needs
and lets you fully enjoy your engagement.

Fee is determined as 10% of total wedding budget

starting at $6450

Design Mapping & Event Mangement

Custom wedding design plan
30 hours of design time
Planning check-list
Full event management & styling up to 12 hours

For the couple who wishes to handle most of their wedding planning with a professional to run the day smoothly.


Design Mapping

Custom wedding design plan
20 hours of design time
Planning check-list

Guidance for those planning their own wedding.
Not just a custom design,
but access to professional advice too.

Virtual Services

(Day of planner still required for GH)


Strategy Sessions

5 hours of meeting time

The kick-start and advice you need to get you going and keep yourself on track. Use the time in 2-5 sessions.

Virtual services

(Day of planner still required for GH)


“Sarah made sure everything was taken care of.
We were able to fully experience our wedding with our favorite people, in that magical space the Arche team created.”

Lifetime dedication to the industry

It's always been weddings and events for us and we've worked in nearly every facet of the industry. Our two careers of experience provide a wealth of knowledge and instinct.

Design expertise

Sarah has been recognized by many in the industry as a design and onsite execution expert. Gifted with the ability to translate clients words into the spaces that they were envisioning has hailed her the title of a "master visual interpreter".

Obsessively chasing the "why"

Your wedding should first and foremost reflect you as a couple in three ways: where you’ve come from, who you are now and where you aspire to go. We guide your choices in design and guest experiences to stay true to you, both of you.

Extroverted introverts who get the job done

Don't let our ever-calm demeanor fool you. While we have no interest in being the life of any party, we're the brains behind the best talked about events.

- Elyse & Donny

Thanks to the Twomeys, our big day was nothing short of amazing.

If wedding planning is leaving you with mountains of stress and decision fatigue, invest in your sanity.
We're here to present the options to you on organized platters, making sense of it all and saving you money in the long run.

We provide Los Angeles expertise with a Pacific Northwest price tag.

Dedicated to the wedding & events industry full time since 2001,

we have the experience to create your wedding weekend with minimal stress.

We provide Los Angeles expertise with a Pacific Northwest price tag.

Dedicated to the wedding & events industry full time since 2001,

we have the experience to create your wedding weekend with minimal stress.

Let's design your fantasy wedding together.

Thank you so much for considering Arche Creative for your big day. We would be honored to work together.

If you're ready to schedule a discovery call to get to know each other, please fill out the form to the left, and we will be in touch shortly!

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